About Us

Good Life Organic™ is a new brand (launched by Veg-Fresh Farms in 2014) that celebrates living a healthy lifestyle, protecting our planet, and nourishing your body with organic fruits and vegetables. Our culture is about living each day to its fullest, following your passions, and being active in your community.

We believe that it is vital to preserve our natural resources

Our efforts to become a more sustainable company include:

  • Our facility recently installed over 4, 337 solar panels on the roof, which reduced our daily dependency on electricity by 50%. This reduction is enough to power 325 houses in Southern California and within 25 years it will reduce CO2 emissions (leading greenhouse gas) by 42,000 tons.
  • Our Good Life Organic™ semi-trucks are powered by clean burning natural gas, thus reducing our carbon emissions.
  • By replacing plastic trays with compostable fiber trays, we have reduced our use of plastic by 1.2 million trays. These fiber trays are made from our corrugated produce boxes which gives the box another life as a tray.

Protecting and using resources responsibly helps us achieve our goals of less energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions, and producing less landfill waste.